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Yale Forklift Parts

Yale Materials Handling Corporation is a worldwide group who's part of the NACCO Materials Handling Group or likewise known as NMHG. NAACO Materials Handling Group is the biggest manufacturer of forklifts in the United States. They have $1.5 billion in profits, making them the third biggest all over the world. NMHG designs, engineers, builds and sells a complete series of lift trucks using the Yale trade name. The forklifts are made in the United States, the UK, the Netherlands, Mexico, Ireland, Scotland, Brazil, Italy and Japan. The retail sales of lift trucks and replacement parts are sold, supported and serviced by Yale licensed dealers. Yale stands by their commitment in being a leader within the material handling industry. They proudly offer far more than the most complete series of lift trucks. Each and every one of their lift trucks come with the support of the entire firm. Their skilled service technicians have every choice accessible to handle and finance your forklift fleet. The strategically located dealer community gives customers excellent flexibility and customer service. Provided by Yale is a complete line of top of the range components, tools and assistance together with: electric, LP-gas, diesel and gas driven lift trucks, narrow aisle and power-driven hand trucks. Yale is a leading supplier of training, components financing and complete Fleet Management assistance as well. With more than 80 years within the material handling trade, Yale is dedicated to offering all their customer's with a custom solution all of their requirements. Also, Yale trucks are made in an ISO9001:2000 registered facility and vary in capacity from 2,000 lbs up to thirty six thousand pounds. Their skilled staff along with the support of their vendor network ensures delivery of a great product every time.

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Los Angeles Forklift Parts

  • Alternators
    An alternator is actually a machine that transforms mechanical energy into electric energy. It does this in the form of an electrical current. In essence, an AC electric generator could likewise be labeled an alternator. The word normally refers ...
  • Brakes
    A brake wherein the friction is supplied by a set of brake pads or brake shoes which press against a rotating drum unit known as a brake drum. There are several specific differences between brake drum types. A "brake drum" is normally the ...
  • Carriage Rollers
    Carriage rollers are specifically designed bearings that are used on lift masts to be able to help them work within tough environmental conditions. Lift masts are often subjected to oscillations, shocks, vibrations and high dynamic and static ...
  • Carriages and Carriage Parts
    There are actually 4 sizings of hook type fork carriages rated by the blade carriage lifting capability. Hook type tine carriages have been uniform. The carriage bar spacing for Class 1 is roughly thirteen inches and the Class 1 carriage is ...
  • Control Valves
    The earliest automated control systems were being utilized more that two thousand years ago. In Alexandria Egypt, the ancient Ktesibios water clock constructed in the 3rd century is thought to be the very first feedback control equipment on ...
  • Controllers
    Lift trucks are accessible in many different models which have different load capacities. Nearly all average lift trucks used inside warehouse settings have load capacities of one to five tons. Larger scale models are utilized for heavier loads, ...
  • Differentials
    A differential is a mechanical device that could transmit torque and rotation through three shafts, frequently but not all the time employing gears. It often operates in two ways; in vehicles, it provides two outputs and receives one input. The ...
  • Drive Axles
    The piece of equipment which is elastically fastened to the framework of the vehicle using a lift mast is called the forklift drive axle. The lift mast connects to the drive axle and could be inclined, by no less than one tilting cylinder, around ...

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