The growing number of concerned customers

With the rising demand and growing consumerism, many clothing labels have opted out of using American garment factories and migrated to the cheaper costs of producing apparel offshore. However, the growing number of concerned customers and last year’s collapse of a poorly-built garment factory building in Bangladesh that killed over 1,000 workers has shed light on the poor accountability of clothing labels towards people who make their products.

The Made in America Project is an initiative that awards badges to clothing brands in the US that practice responsible manufacturing. These brands, albeit small, keep most of their production processes in the US where they are subject to stricter labor standards and continue to support the local garment industry. Aside from a focus on garments, MiA also recognizes US-made furniture and other lifestyle goods such as skin and haircare products.

The MiA encourages brands to complete the long process of creating a garment in the USA. Aside from working with designers and labels, MiA also recognizes manufacturers and skilled laborers in the industry. Brands that pass their requirements are allowed to use the MiA badge and their items are sold on the MiA website.

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