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A forklift has to be tough enough to last for many hours of heavy use within extreme settings. These equipment have to be able to move loads efficiently and fast whilst still being ergonomic to the operator. The dependable, rugged Yale powertrain offers superior durability through its extremely robust shafts and gears, state of the art clutch pack and computer managed transmission and engine. The transmission, engine, drive axle and steer axle are all isolated in order to reduce noise and vibration in the compartment of the operator.

The lift truck's electrical system is responsible for linking the major nerve centers of the truck together. Hence, the electrical system in the lift truck should be dependable and durable for the most demanding dry/wet and cold/hot operations. There is much sophistication needed to be able to control truck functionality.

Yale trucks are known for delivering reliable electronics. The Yale CANbus electrical system utilizes digital technology and lessens electrical connections and lessens wiring too. This results in improved dependability and awesome serviceability.

The forklifts hydraulics are the vehicle's muscles, providing the necessary force to raise numerous heavy loads. All Yale trucks feature industrial grade hydraulic parts. Several of these parts include: heavy-duty hydraulic valves, leak resistant O-ring face seal fittings, fine micron filters and long lasting hoist and tilt cylinders. The control valve has been strategically positioned to be able to prolong part life by minimizing exposure to heat sources.

The Yale forklift can withstand the most extreme working conditions coming out on top with their great dependability. These equipment have been built in such a precise manner that attention to detail has been considered in order to keep the operator as comfortable as possible.

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