Do Aerial Lifts require any special training?

These aerial lifts require specialized training in order to operate them. The training is conducted by Occupational Safety and Health Association, OSHA for short. The training program is quite comprehensive, and covers all aspects of machine handling, from operation, safety procedures, inspection of machinery and its maintenance, and also to work out machine load capacities. The industry hires only those personnel who possess a license from OSHA.

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Los Angeles Questions about Forklifts
What does a Scissor lift look like?
pdf Scissor lifts came into existing in the early seventies. Since then, the basic underlying design has remained constant, although more advanced material is now being used. Scissor lifts became popular with retail establishments which found its highly... More

What is a Scissor lift used for?
pdf The modern scissor lift has found its place in nearly all applications wherever working at a raised height or transporting material to a raised height is involved. Whether it is a smooth, tarred road or an uneven terrain, the scissor lift can travel... More

What are the dangers of operating an Aerial lift?
pdf It has been statistically established that the mortality rate in operating aerial lifts is about twenty per annum. Of these, the number of deaths in commercial painting environment is on an average eight per annum. Study of the causes of these deaths... More

What different types of Aerial lifts are there?
pdf Aerial lifts come in different types, depending on the specific functionality they are to be deployed. For instance, a scissor aerial lift serves as a scaffolding which is mobile. Criss-cross braces hold the scaffolding from below. As the braces exte... More

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